Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again
May 31, 2021 Enquiries

We Have Seen it All Before?

As Covid and lockdowns become the new way of life, it could be said that there are several things that may have been a negative, though are now a positive. For instance, with the limitations of International travel, Australians are keeping the money in the country, and are investing in things perhaps they wouldn’t have ordinarily. For instance lately we are seeing unprecedented prices on 2nd hand & classic cars. The same is true for D&R Henderson where we are seeing a resurgence in some classic Melamine colours.

We are starting to see some of the older Woodgrain colours making a comeback.

Like fashion and automotive, some things just don’t die, a classic product or experience seems to last the test of time. In the board and panel industry we can testify to seeing some colours that were earmarked for the chopping block, then at the 12th hour a spark of interest ensues, then it is back on the books as a standard line.

More recently D&R Henderson has seen that happen with some stalwart colours in Banstead Oak, Charred Oak, Liquorice Micraline and Sonova Beech. All colours that sold an amazing amount over the years and made their way into the homes and offices of Australians.

Trends come and go, though the classics just go in cycles, so the next time you are picking a colour for your next renovation, or new build, check out the D&R Henderson Colour & Design page for some inspiration https://drhenderson.com.au/melamine-colour-design/ who knows one of the above classics at a great price might be the one.

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