PVC Polymer

D&R Henderson PVC Polymer Board

Also known to us as Aquaverse and Versaboard. Our PVC Polymer Board, or PVC Foam Board to some is a durable product where moisture is a problem, or where you may need a lightweight solution.

PVC Polymer is not only water proof, some have reported it has great acoustic & insulating properties whilst not tested, may offer some benefits. It can be used for many applications where traditional cabinetry options won’t suffice.

Mainly available in 2400x1200mm x 12, 16mm & 18mm sheets in Black & White Satin finish.


  • We highly recommend the product is NOT exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Also we have had mixed reactions for use on doors, some saying that a minimum of 3 hinges per door is required. That said it would be best used for the carcass of the cabinetry and NOT doors, if uncertain.

Some Applications

  • Alfresco Area
  • Caravans
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry’s
  • Office fit outs
  • Shop fit outs
  • Public Toilets
  • Wet area

Product Features

  • Can be painted
  • Materials & Fabric applied
  • Laminated over
  • Can be tiled over
  • Screwed & drilled
  • Cabinet construction
  • Weather, mould and mildew resistant