All Melamine is produced on a state of the art, modern high performance German ‘Dieffenbacher’ short cycle press. Quality control is performed by a 2016 model Grecon Superscan automatic grading station.

This new Superscan grading technology uses sophisticated software and lighting systems to detect the most subtle defects, meaning improved quality is assured for all Melamine products. Melamine paper foils are manufactured in modern treating operations in Europe and Asia. All paper is produced on new German engineered paper treating lines, ensuring quality standards are maintained to the highest levels. Melamine is available on the full range of D&R Henderson particleboard and externally sourced Australian made MDF substrates.

The main plate finishes include:

  • Satin
  • CTX
  • Décor
  • Euro

Please refer to our Manufactured Products Guide for the full range of Melamine products.