Veneer Colour & Design

D&R Henderson Lengo Recon Veneers, sourced from numerous veneer merchants, are made from natural timber veneers that have been peeled, dyed, laminated together and sliced to create matching leaves.

The best of both worlds

D&R Henderson presents a range of veneers with a beautiful, unfinished surface so you can specify the look and finish you want to create for a unique project.

Unfinished matching veneer edging is also available.

D&R Henderson Recon Veneers combine the best of natural timber with the consistency of a reconstructed product offering.

  • Consistency of colour, grain and patterns
  • Suited to modern manufacturing processes
  • Easier for processing and handling
  • No need to sequence match panels, saving time and cost
  • Easier to replace damaged panels
  • Panels coordinate with colour, texture and pattern of other decorative elements

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    Keeping up appearances

    Just like other dyed products, such as fabric, it is possible that D&R Henderson Legno Recon Veneers may vary slightly in colour by 5-10% from batch to batch.

    To ensure the best results, all veneers for a projects should be ordered at the same time and use the same coating and processing systems.

    UV resistance

    D&R Henderson Recon Veneers are manufactured using superior dyes however just as natural timber veneer will tend to change colour in the presence of light, D&R Henderson Legno Veneers may also be affected. This is part of a natural process and not a defect in the veneer chosen. Where veneer is exposed
    to strong light sources and sunlight, particularly in a project with north facing windows, it may be advisable to install blinds or have UV protective film applied.

    Where D&R Henderson Legno Veneers are specified, it is imperative that a non-yellowing acrylic urethane such as B.C. Coatings UT160 UVMax or polyurethane such as Mirotane Sunshield Clear PU5577 are used to help minimise colour changes over time.

    Legno Category 1 – Finishing Dyed & Recon Veneers

    Legno Category 2 - Recon Veneers

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