Hoop Pine Plywood

D&R Henderson proudly distributing for Matilda Veneer

Matilda Overview

matilda veneer has an exclusive and elite selection of companies distributing its products around the world including D&R Henderson to architects, interior designers, project managers, shop fitters, cabinet makers, and the general public. In addition to a beautiful selection of natural timber veneers, our product offering includes:

matilda fireply: a Group 2 fire-retardant plywood ideal for interior cladding use in commercial and residential buildings

matilda hoop: a high quality, appearance grade Hoop Pine plywood with multi-ply construction as standard

matilda lite ply: a unique, appearance-grade lightweight plywood ideal for use in projects where weight or cost are key considerations.

matilda veneer is committed to being a responsible, future-focused business. Working within an ethical business framework, all of our products are sourced and manufactured with our philosophy of sustainability in mind. This means we are doing our bit for the environment and helping to ensure that the planet we love is here for many  generations to come.

Please review the Matilda Veneer range of products and technical data when planning your next decorative plywood project.

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Matilda Fireply

Fireply is a lightweight, fire-retardant plywood ideal for interior cladding use in commercial and residential buildings.

Matilda Fireply is a plywood building material suitable for all Class 2-9 buildings as defined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The dramatic increase in use of Matilda Fireply over the past 12 months is largely because, in simple terms, it ‘ticks boxes’ that other products don’t. It is certified as Group 2 with reference to AS/NZS3837-1998 and AS5637.1-2015 for the use as a wall or ceiling lining. Fireply has also been assessed against AS1530.3 which is the simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release. This testing makes it a suitable product to use in specific applications outside of walls and ceilings covered by other testing.

Matilda Fireply, which is 100% PEFC Certified, has a light-coloured appearance and, while having a ‘B Grade’ face, is generally aesthetically pleasing although defects such as splits, small sound knots, and some discolouration are not uncommon. Matilda Fireply is used regularly in both applications where designers wish to highlight the natural rotary veneer face of the plywood and also where the sheets are used internally or covered with other material meaning the plywood is unseen yet provides the project with both ease-of-use and installation and the ‘tick in the box’ for the fire engineer or assessor certifying the completed works.

Matilda Fireply can be painted, stained or lacquered (with the exception of nitrocellulose lacquers) without affecting the Group 2 rating.

 Hoop Pine Plywood

Matilda Veneer’s range of Hoop Pine plywood gives architectural projects the edge.

The difference between Matilda’s range of Hoop Pine plywood and others is headlined by its ‘multi-ply’ construction as standard. Multi-ply is when all the veneers (plies) used to make the panel are the same thickness. This has been hugely popular with those looking for a unique, high quality product with premium edge detail. Other manufacturers either refuse to produce Hoop Pine plywood in this way or choose to charge a premium for it. In addition to the striking uniformity of the multi-ply edge, this type of construction gives the plywood added strength and stability. Matilda’s range of Hoop Pine is 100% FSC® certified and proudly Queensland plantation grown.

Matilda Lite Ply

A unique, appearance-grade lightweight plywood ideal for use in projects where weight or cost are key considerations.

Matilda Lite is an appearance-grade, lightweight plywood suitable for use in commercial projects. Its light weight makes it ideal for use in caravans, trains, boats and other projects where excess weight is undesirable.  Easy-to-machine and ivory-white in colour, Matilda Lite is a cost-effective plywood without compromising quality and project aesthetics. Its appearance grade makes it suitable for use without veneer, unlike most other lower quality lightweight plywoods on the market.

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