Timber Veneers

D&R Henderson are proud to offer an exclusive range of both natural and reconstituted timber veneers,‘The Legno Range’. Ranging in color from soft light oak tones to the very dark, rich tones with varying grain structure, our comprehensive Lengo  range offers you  extensive color options ensuring you achieve your desired beautiful timber finish .

Timber veneer is the finest use of Fine timbers, because it is real timber. One cubic metre of log produces around 1000 square metres of veneer! No other form of woodworking material results in such a yield.

Natural Timber veneers

The natural variation of timber means each project is individual. No two veneers are exactly alike. The ‘Fingerprints ‘of nature lift your designs above that achievable with other similar man made alternatives. Timber veneers add natural warmth and ambience to your project. Timber veneer is warm and gentle to the touch.

Reconstructed  Timber veneer

Reconstructed veneers are manufactured from readily available plantation timbers, such as poplar, Obeche or Bamboo. Logs are rotary peeled into veneers, which are then dyed all the way through and dried. Layers of variously colored veneers are then laminated together in moulds in a controlled pattern to form ‘grain’ patterns which are then re-sliced into veneers. The way the layers of veneers are arranged and are then re-sliced depend on the desired pattern – the process is fully automated and often involves the use of computer software to produce different veneer figures and patterns.

Reconstructed timber veneers offer excellent consistency in color and repeated grain pattern, patterns and colors that can be easily matched or replaced.