Monsbent (Benalla) demonstrates Environmental Compliance

Monsbent (Benalla) demonstrates Environmental Compliance
August 31, 2023 Enquiries

Monsbent has continued to demonstrate environmental compliance with its EPA operating licence across the Benalla site.

For the last 12 months emissions have been tested quarterly across a range of discharge points, showing ongoing environmental compliance to the site operating licence.

Monsbent has also developed a robust Risk Based Monitoring and Management Plan (RMMP) to ensure it meets the obligations of the new General Environmental Duty (GED) under the new EPA Act 2017.

Emissions were measured in both March and June of 2023 and it was pleasing to see ongoing compliance with new licence conditions set by EPA in December 2022.

Monsbent has been working closely with EPA Victoria as it continues to look for new ways to improve its environmental profile across the site.

Environmental compliance is top of mind at Monsbent Benalla.

Monsbent is a wholly owned subsidiary of D&R Henderson Pty Ltd.